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OEMs can access detailed product information within the OEM portal.

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To contact our OEM support service team, please fill out and send the form below. Please note, end users should contact their vehicle or machine manufacturer for charger and/or battery charging questions prior to contacting Delta-Q. Delta-Q chargers contain software and hardware customized by our OEM customers to fit their specific application.

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IC650 | QuiQ

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DQCP, DQCR, DQCT and DQCM chargers will look like the upper label. The lower label is from an E-Z-GO charger. Please enter the outlined numbers from your own charger.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • This is the standard DC output configuration for the QuiQ battery charger:

    • Red wire is for the battery positive
    • Black wire is for the battery negative
    • White wire is the temperature sensor; the rubber rectangle coupled with black wire goes to the battery negative.
    • Green wire is the interlock, which carries battery pack voltage and should not be grounded. If the interlock function is not required, please do not connect it.
  • Delta-Q has posted a video to YouTube demonstrating how to check the default charge profile, and how to change it to a new profile. You can also follow these written instructions.

    To check the default charge profile, follow these steps:

    1. Disconnect AC power from the outlet.
    2. Remove the positive lead from the battery pack.
    3. Apply AC power and the charger will display the charge profile number after the power on self-test:
      1. All charge profiles will display as a series of flashes of the ‘80%’ LED light.
      2. Charge profiles #1-6 will also be indicated by the ammeter LEDs (see user’s guide for more information).

        Three flashes of the 80% LED light (***) - Charge profile 3
        Two flashes of the 80% LED light (**) – Pause
        One flash (*) - Charge profile 21

      3. Charge profile number display runs for 11 seconds, then is completed.
      4. Remove the AC Power source and reconnect the positive lead.


    To change the default charge profile, follow these steps:


    1. Enter charge profile display mode, as described above.
    2. While the charge profile number is displayed—for 11 seconds—touch the positive lead to the battery pack’s positive terminal for 3.0 seconds (+/- 0.5 seconds).
    3. Remove the positive lead from the battery pack. The charge profile number will increase incrementally.
    4. To advance the charge profile number again, repeat steps 2 and 3 within 30 seconds.
    5. To lock in the desired charge profile as the default, touch the positive lead to the positive terminal and hold it until the relay clicks. This will take around 10 seconds. The new default algorithm is now stored.
    6. Remove the AC power source and check the default algorithm (as described above).
    7. Contact your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) if your battery pack is not supported by the charge algorithms loaded onto your charger.
  • Delta-Q has charge profiles that support most major battery manufacturers. However, each vehicle or equipment original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has selected battery types and brands best suited to their application. Please contact the OEM for charge profile settings or a list of supported batteries.

  • Your local electronics or computer store will carry the AC cords used with a Delta-Q charger. The cord must be at least 16-gauge with an IEC 320 connector, and the recommended maximum length is 6 feet (1.8 metres). If the cord is too long, there will be a voltage drop and may create a fire hazard from overheating. Check with the OEM for recommended wire gauges and lengths.

  • Yes, Delta-Q encourages you to leave your charger plugged in to a wall outlet. Our charger will monitor battery voltage and provide a top-up charge if required. Check the charger periodically and ensure that there is adequate electrolyte in flooded batteries.

  • Please refer to the OEM’s user guide for an explanation of error codes.

  • This depends on which Delta-Q charger is being used. The Powerwise QE charger used with EZ-GO golf cars is lower power than the QuiQ charger. For golf cars, charging time is between 6-8 hours, while most other vehicles will take 8-12 hours.

  • Please contact the OEM that supplied the charger for all in and out of warranty service or repair.

  • Yes, Delta-Q chargers can handle voltages from 85-265 VAC, and can be used worldwide. Use an IEC320 AC cable with a maximum length of 6 feet (1.8 metres) with your charger.

  • At this time, Delta-Q is not supporting lithium battery applications for single end-users. Delta-Q has experience with lithium ion battery charging and can work with OEMs to provide lithium ion charging solutions in new development projects.

  • No, we do not sell separate parts for our chargers. Some OEMs may make output cables or panels available. Safety regulations do not allow us to sell these parts or allow repairs to our chargers. We do not give out our product schematics, as they are proprietary information.

  • No, the amps are a continuous rating, so 21A is equivalent to your old 30A charger. Similarly, 25A continuous is equivalent to the old 37A, 18A continuous is equivalent to old 27A and 12A continuous is equivalent to old 18A.

  • QuiQ-dci has a built-in converter for 12V accessories. We do not make separate inverters.

  • Delta-Q chargers accept single phase AC input.

  • Chargers can work in series or parallel depending on the application. Please contact the OEM for recommendations.

  • The IC650 is equipped with CAN bus, but the QuiQ and QuiQ-dci do not offer CAN bus capability.

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OEM Support Portal

Technical support resources are available to OEMs using standard or customized Delta-Q chargers and accessories. Click below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a link to contact OEM Support, and a form to request access to the password protected OEM Support Portal.