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OEMs can access detailed product information within the OEM portal.

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To contact our OEM support service team, please fill out and send the form below. Please note, end users should contact their vehicle or machine manufacturer for charger and/or battery charging questions prior to contacting Delta-Q. Delta-Q chargers contain software and hardware customized by our OEM customers to fit their specific application.

Product Manuals

IC650 | QuiQ

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DQCP, DQCR, DQCT and DQCM chargers will look like the upper label. The lower label is from an E-Z-GO charger. Please enter the outlined numbers from your own charger.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Delta-Q has charge profiles optimized for a number of different battery types and Amp hour ranges for most major deep cycle battery manufacturers. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chooses the preloaded charge profile for their chargers and can provide information on the best charge profile for the batteries supported in their applications. Please contact the OEM for charge profile settings or a list of supported batteries.

  • Delta-Q is primarily an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier and we currently have no authorized repair centre network for the chargers. The manufacturer of your vehicle or machine are the primary contact for service or replacement of the unit, when needed. Please contact the OEM if your charger is a customized model, or a Delta-Q distributor if you have a standard model that requires replacement.

  • Please refer to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) user guide for an explanation of charging indicators and error codes. The QuiQ and IC650 Charger user manuals explain the LED display behaviour of standard model chargers. These manuals are available for download on the Support page of Delta-Q.com.

    1. Disconnect AC power from the outlet.
    2. Remove the positive lead from the battery pack.
    3. Apply AC power and the charger will display the charge profile number after the power on self-test:
    • All charge profiles will display as a series of flashes of the ‘80%’ LED light.
    • Charge profiles #1-6 will also be indicated by the ammeter LEDs (see QuiQ manual for more information).


    • Three flashes of the 80% LED light (***) Charge profile 3
    • Two flashes of the 80% LED light (**) – Pause – one flash (*) Charge profile 21


    • Charge profile number display runs for 11 seconds, then is completed.
    • Remove the AC Power source and reconnect the positive lead.

    To change the default charge profile, follow these steps:

    1. Enter charge profile display mode, as described above.
    2. While the charge profile number is displayed—for 11 seconds—touch the positive lead to the battery pack’s positive terminal for 3.0 seconds (+/- 0.5 seconds).
    3. Remove the positive lead from the battery pack. The charge profile number will increase incrementally.
    4. To advance the charge profile number again, repeat steps 2 and 3 within 30 seconds.
    5. To lock in the desired charge profile as the default, touch the positive lead to the positive terminal and hold it until the relay clicks. This will take around 10 seconds. The new default algorithm is now stored.
    6. Remove the AC power source and check the default algorithm (as described above).
    7. Contact your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) if your battery pack is not supported by the charge algorithms loaded onto your charger.

  • This is the standard DC output configuration for the QuiQ battery charger:

    • Red wire is for the battery positive
    • Black wire is for the battery negative
    • White wire is the temperature sensor; the rubber rectangle coupled with black wire goes to the battery negative.
    • Green wire is the interlock, which carries battery pack voltage and should not be grounded. If the interlock function is not required, please do not connect it.


    If you are using a Delta-Q charger that has been customized for a specific OEM's machines, please contact the OEM for installation instructions or contact an approved service centre.

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If you require technical support, please use the OEM Support Form above to ensure your message reaches the correct department. Submit your general or sales inquiries below and we’ll be happy to get back to you. Please make sure all fields are completed.

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OEM Support Portal

Technical support resources are available to OEMs using standard or customized Delta-Q chargers and accessories. Click below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a link to contact OEM Support, and a form to request access to the password protected OEM Support Portal.